Our beloved planet is threatened by the detrimental environmental impact of humans, and we all need to do our bit to protect it.

We are committed to leaving our footprint as small as possible.

Plastic pollution in our ecosystems, overflowing landfills, climate change, over-production & over-consumption are all issues we are passionate about combatting.


All of our bamboo is sustainably sourced. It is FSC certified and originates in China.

Bamboo is biodegradable and non-toxic. It grows very fast and does not require much water to grow, making it the perfect sustainable material.

Bamboo is regarded ecologically as a grass, not as a timber.

Due to it being a giant variety of grass, it does not require re-planting after harvesting. The root system remains in place, and growth occurs with each new growing season.

You can enjoy your Bambooyah accessories guilt-free, knowing no trees were cut down to create them.


We get our laser cutting done at a local family-owned business in Sydney. They use 100% green power in their office (power from renewable sources only such as solar energy, bio-energy, wind energy and wave energy) and their power consumption is offset by solar panels in their home office.

Wherever possible they reuse any large offcut pieces for smaller jobs or to cut small jewellery pieces from. Other excess pieces that are still of a good size they give to recycling centres such as Reverse Garbage.

We also lay up our laser cutting files in the most economical way possible to minimise waste.


Every post, hook and hoop we use in our earrings is made from hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel.

We also offer the option of 925 sterling silver hooks.

Surgical steel is medical grade, nickel and lead safe.

Stainless steel is one of the most sustainable metals in the world, with 70% of the production coming from recycled sources.


We use only non-toxic water-based acrylic paints and POSCA markers to create our wearable works of art.


Our backing cards are made from 100% recycled card - printed by PrintTogether in Melbourne.

Not only do they use only 100% recycled paper and card, their collective green printing process identifies customers whose similar print requirements allow them to print together on the one press, reducing waste. They also use environmentally friendly inks and toners.


We use kraft rigid letter-size mailer boxes.

Products are packaged in recycled kraft paper or upcycled tissue paper and biodegradable washi tape.

Our bamboo earrings are super lightweight, meaning our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum in transit.


We also make choices to support other small (usually local) businesses who are also doing good things when sourcing our supplies.